November 07, 2014

Secret Fashion Fixes

Poor Cinderella! She arrives at the ball looking stunning; hair perfect, gown glittering, handsome prince waiting. What could possibly go wrong? Then the clock strikes midnight and the magic spell is broken. She rushes from the ballroom, losing a glass slipper on the way.

If only her Fairy Godmother had had the foresight to pack a pair of foldable pumps in Cinderella's purse, at least the journey home would have been a bit more comfortable.

You Shall Go To The Ball!

But then Cinderella's Fairy Godmother hadn't known about Secret Fashion Fixes, this week's featured company on Kickstart Your Business. If she did, she could have saved poor Cinder's sore feet. Founded by Dee Fitzgerald, the business combines Dee's passion for marketing with her love of fashion accessories and quick fixes. Secret Fashion Fixes offers a wide range of quirky and innovative accessories to solve everyday fashion and beauty fixes. It's the ultimate on-line bag of tricks. 

Fashioning A Great Story

Before and during the show, Dee regaled George and Gerard with some of the stories behind her tried and tested products, bringing each fashion dilemma to life in just a short sentence or two. It made for great listening and from a savvy business point of view, it made potential customers much more likely to check out Dee's ultimate on-line bag of clicks.

Making more of the story and the role of Fixer in all the messaging throughout the website will ensure the story never ends and will help to differentiate Dee's offer from her competitors.

Over To You

What messaging might Dee display on her website to illustrate the role of the Fixer she plays for her customers? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think. 

We'd love to hear from you.

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