October 17, 2010

Stop Shouting, Harvey, I Can't Hear You

Go, Harvey, Go (& don't let the door hit you on the way out).

I'm so used to hearing international retailer Harvey Norman bawling at me from the radio in an irritating Australian accent that I've tuned out from his messages.

Even when he tried something new this morning, speaking in an unexpectedly reasonable tone to promote a special holiday offer, I was unimpressed. It seemed so incongruous, this personality who seems only interested in interrupting at the top of his hysterical voice, suddenly speaking calmly and in measured tones.

Sorry, Harvey, you just can't win. It doesn't work for me when you shout, and it makes me decidedly nervous when you try to appear calm and reasonable, like a nutcase trying to persuade me that he doesn't pose a threat.

At least when you were screaming hysterically, I knew where I stood. Now, I'm just confused and uneasy.

Over To You: Are you left disconcerted by brands that show worrying signs of split personality?