January 27, 2008

Look Daddy, I'm A Real Brand

Making lists can be a useful thing to do in many instances, but not when it comes to building a brand.

If we made a list of the moving parts, the ankle wouldn't support the weight of the human body and the bumblebee would be earthbound. If we simply made a list, one company would be much like any other and the customer would simply choose the fastest, the cheapest, the newest or the most convenient.

So how do you move beyond making lists to building a business that’s much more than the sum of its moving parts?

That’s where the brand comes in.

The brand breathes life into the tangle of drawstrings and carved wood of the business so that it can step into a lively exchange with the customer. This animation is what makes the difference between one business and another.

The magical exchange that makes for a great business always takes place in this space between the buyer and the seller. When the brand is brought to life, the customer is encouraged to step towards the vendor and dance together towards a profitable conclusion.

Too many businesses are content to simply make and publish a list of their accomplishments and are surprised when a rival cuts in and dances off with their customer.

Successful brands on the other hand know that they must move beyond the list of moving parts and breathe deeply into the business so that the exchange with the customer takes on a life of its own.

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