May 18, 2008

Fair & Foul Weather Friends

I was heartened to hear that whilst Tourism Ireland expect visitor numbers from the USA to Ireland to drop this year given the economic climate and the weakness of the dollar, they are re-doubling their efforts and bettering their spend in that market.

So often, the temptation in troubled times is to batten down the hatches and hope to ride out the storm. Whilst it's not necessary to spend like a sailor on shore-leave in order to make it through choppy seas, there is huge value in investing in a market when everyone else is running for cover. Tourism Ireland seem to be getting the balance right.

Like people, markets have a memory too, and the evidence is widespread that brands which stay the course in bad times are rewarded with full-sail success when the fair winds return. Even so, it requires quite a resolute head to stay above deck, keep both hands on the wheel and face into the storm when the short-term forecast seems so bleak.

Staying with the seafaring analogy, I commend her courage and wish the good ship Tourism Ireland and all who sail with her godspeed and safe passage.

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