October 28, 2008

One Small Misstep For Man...

An American friend sent on quite an extraordinary video link that puts me right at the heart of the election battle being fought out across the water.

They say that our favourite sound is the sound of our own name and, even as a non-American, there's something thrilling about seeing Gerard T. in the thick of that country's momentous action.

I've written elsewhere of the power of making our ordinary, everyday deeds somehow extraordinary or epic. Even the most private of us sometimes likes to imagine that our role is being played out on a world stage, that our heft is out of all proportion to our puny strength and that we too can impact on the course of history. No-one likes to feel that they don't matter.

A brand often helps us play such a role, to find a place to stand where we can move the world. Personalised messaging on this scale should prove invaluable in helping customers stand that little bit taller. There's a great opportunity there for both brand-owner and brand-buyer alike.

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