February 19, 2016

Jam Packed With Quirky Goodness

There is much evidence, even in mainstream retailing, to suggest that customers are looking for something out of the ordinary when they make their weekly shop.

Although the traditional staples still feature large on the supermarket shelf, growing numbers of highly-original takes on these original foods have jostled their way onto those same shelves. Once left to shout their wares from the stalls of farmer's markets and craft-shops, these bold upstarts now stand proudly side by side with foodstuffs that can seem frankly dull by comparison.

What To Do In A Jam

When Olive Germaine, and husband Pat, became redundant from work within one week of each other, they decided to return to the kitchen and cook up some high quality chutneys, relishes and preserves, and go to market under the quirky name, The Birds And The Teas.

Their produce proved so delicious that when our George tasted some at his local supermarket, he was immediately prompted to invite Olive to feature on Kickstart Your Business on The Right Hook.

Relishing The Prospect

George was already a fan, but Gerard was also won over by both the tasty jams and the playful invitation to table in the name and packaging.

The Birds And The Teas evokes a tea-party in wonderland, and this is reflected in many of the names Olive and Pat have given to their unusual combinations: Last Mango In Paris Chutney, Rhubarb Rhumba Preserve to give just a taster of two of the many more on offer.

The Preserve Of Experts

What would you do to get the whole world jamming along with Olive and Pat?

Listen back to Olive's Kickstart Your Business feature and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you.

Kickstart Your Business broadcasts at 6.20pm every Thursday on Newstalk's The Right Hook, and is available on playback immediately following the show.

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The Birds and the Teas said...

We were blown away by the opportunity given to us by George and Gerard to Kickstart our business.
We're off to stir our pots with great relish after a day like yesterday.
We have had so many calls, texts, Facebook posts etc. - thanks to everyone for their support.
Catch us this Saturday from 10-4 in Bushy Park and Killruddery.

The Birds and the Teas