July 01, 2016

Someone To Watch Over Me

Although falling crime figures often suggest that the world is a safer place, it sometimes doesn't feel that way. When you're alone in a poorly-lit or isolated place, walking the last leg of your journey after the last bus home for example, it's easy to feel threatened and afraid. That group of drunken youths, this man behind who seems to quicken his step as you nervously lengthen your stride, even the darkened corner underneath the broken street-light, all appear to menace you, leaving you feeling very alone and afraid.

More Than A Number

When members of Paul Price's teenage family were in danger whilst out and about, he found that trying to help them over the phone was ineffective and hugely stressful for all concerned. He decided to develop a one-touch phone application that immediately connects you to a trained team who can provide all the support someone in trouble requires.

We featured Paul and Big Red Button on Kickstart Your Business, and learned that in addition to connecting you to someone who can immediately lend a helping hand, the team at Big Red Button can also patch in a call to the police or a family member or friend as appropriate. Even when the danger is real, an assailant is less likely to act when it becomes apparent that their quarry is much less isolated and vulnerable than they first appeared.

In The Company Of Angels

Grandfather George immediately warmed to a service that protects members of family who naturally seek independence but still need to feel safe and protected from harm. He mused that his eldest grandchild soon turns teenage, and suggested that a €9.99 Annual Subscription was a great value gift from a loving grandparent.

I remarked on the very impressive and informative video which Paul has made. This cleverly presents a scenario where someone under threat presses the Big Red Button, and is soon flanked by the protective figures of the Big Red Button team, as well as a family member and a police officer. Faced with this phalanx of guardians, the would-be assailant fades away into the shadows.

However, I suggested that it's not evident from the Play Video button on the Big Red Button website that this really is a must-watch video. This is a common fault with video screen grabs and calls to action on many websites, so Paul is not alone, but his is a video which really does say it all neatly and effectively so it's hugely important that visitors are encouraged to view it.

At The Touch Of A Button

What do you suggest Paul might do to get Big Red Button watching over us and keeping us safe through phones across Ireland?

Listen back to Paul on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think.

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