July 18, 2006

The Boy In The Bubble

Was rear-ended in a minor car accident (“Does my bum look dented in this?”) and found that I spent the last few days driving around town and daring other drivers to squeeze through narrow gaps in the traffic. Or at the very least not caring too much if they come too close. Another scrape between now and my return to the repair-shop will make little difference. I feel strangely brave, almost untouchable.
I’ve sometimes sensed this same faint belligerence in service staff who I suspect are probably on a last warning or about to finish a holiday job: “You can’t touch me!”
Seems to me it’s far too dangerous to entrust your brand to someone who’s daring the world to land a blow on them. When someone couldn’t care less, it shows, and the customer on the receiving end is only too quick to take his business elsewhere.

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