August 26, 2006

Just An Old Sweet Song

It was Ray Charles who sang about what it was that kept Georgia on his mind (an old sweet song, as it happened).

Came upon a cautionary tale from US branding agency Whisper which suggests that some people don't know when they've got it made: Out Of My Mind

Seems that a couple of agencies charged with rebranding Georgia replaced the timeless Georgia On My Mind with the inane Put Your Dreams In Motion. The world is already littered with similarly innocuous taglines.

Beware an agency that is mostly out to make a name for itself and feels obliged to uproot whatever was there before (no matter how valuable) and replace it with something else simply so that they have something to show for their efforts.

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1 comment:

Emma Kytzia said...

Put Your Dreams In that's catchy, I like it.

(Kidding, kidding!)