September 01, 2006

Ten Green Bottles

Matt Haig in the first few pages of his Brand Failures: The Truth About The 100 Biggest Branding Mistakes Of All Time (gasp!) tells me that nine out of ten brands fail.

Well, not around here they don’t. Nine out of ten of our client’s brands succeed and that yawning gap in statistics is less to do with our approach (although I’m always happy to bask in reflected glory from any direction) and much more to do with the fact that Haig writes about what I call ‘celebrity’ brands, often operating in categories where the customer really doesn’t need a new cola flavour or technical feature or variation on a variation on a theme.

We don’t take a lead on how to live their lives from celebrities (mind you, I would love to learn to pout like Kylie) so why should we take a leaf out of the books of celebrity brands? Most big brands fail because they live in a world so far removed from their customers that they lose touch with what those customers really want. Our clients are typically more inclined to get close to their customers and offer something that they really want and need. It follows that their brands stand a much greater chance of success than one in ten.

And I suspect that’s probably true of most brands that operate in the real world.

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