September 05, 2014

Cloudy With The Chance Of A Signal

"Sorry, what did you just say.....I didn't catch that, you're breaking up, the signal is very bad here"

"Check out this hilarious ice bucket video...oh can't, no coverage here..."

Sound all too familiar? We've all, at some time or other, experienced the frustration of poor mobile coverage. It's the bane of the mobile phone user and a large part of the frustration lies in not knowing where the poor coverage is and how, if possible, to avoid it.

Signalling Success

This week's featured business Netfreqs may well be the answer to our prayers.  Founder Ben McCahill, who has twenty years experience working with mobile operators saw an opportunity, when big data arrived and phones got smarter, to tackle the problem of poor mobile coverage by using the phone itself to measure and report on the customer experience.

Netfreqs reports primarily to the operators, on where and when mobile networks should be upgraded, using cloud-based analytics and real-time benchmarks.

Ireland Needs More...

Netfreqs is a business-to-business offer with the cost being carried by the mobile operators who are always happy to pay for a finger on the pulse of what customers want. Ben is currently in multiple trails with a number of operators at the moment and is hoping to hear very good news soon.

However, if Ben wants the mobile phone user to download the Freq App (at ), he needs to first capture their imagination.  Using the example of the campaign 'Ireland Deserves Sun' from some years ago, Gerard suggested Ben could get the public on board with an 'Ireland Deserves More Mobile Coverage-type' campaign.

Over To You

What other ways might Ben capture the imagination of the public and get them on-board? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think. 

We'd love to hear from you.

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Ben McCahill said...

Thanks Gerard, you have highlighted a key area of research for us - we have had great reaction to your feedback in the interview. I look forward to hearing more comments and suggestions