September 19, 2014

Start Spreading The Good Nusli

It's not often that Ireland is slow to catch up with the world when it comes to food, but in the case of bircher muesli, a hugely popular breakfast in Alpine communities, we've been depriving ourselves of one of the world's tastiest and natural starts to the the day. Maybe we've just  been waiting for the right person to come along and lead us to breakfast bliss?

Looking To The South East For A Sign

Nusli, our Kickstart Your Business feature this week, was founded by Dermot Hanley, a man in search of a taste he'd first experienced on the Alpine slopes. Dermot, an investment banker in his former life, teamed with a bunch of local artisan producers from Ireland's sunny southeast to create a crunchy, fruity, creamy, tangy snack. The single serve pot is perfect for busy people on the go and whether you're heading to the slopes or to the office,  Nusli will keep you full and fueled for the day ahead.

Running With The Cows

Dermot has done a great job establishing himself as a credible brand with retailers already happy to give Nusli shelf space and a place on their central listings. To help push the success of the product further, Gerard suggested that Dermot play up more of the story behind Nusli in both the packaging and the website. Dermot's own story of his move from running with the wolves on Wallstreet to running with the cows in the South East is a great place to start.

Over To You

What other ways might Dermot play up the story behind the product in his packaging and on his website? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think. 

We'd love to hear from you.

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2 comments: said...

Thank you for the thoughts Gerard. The challenge facing nusli has been to introduce both a new category (or as George Hook would have said its not a Yogurt!) and a new brand. To do this we really tried to make everything as high quality (ie named ingredients from the best suppliers) as possible (So that it tastes great) and also make it as easy to use and distinctive in terms of the packaging design (spoon included, fits in a car cup holder, forms a stable base for use at a desk, stackable on shelves. So should we be Irish when we ship to the UK? Should we change packaging to be as cheap as possible? How do we tell the message of what Bircher Muesli is (Ie not a Yogurt) Highlight the quality of the ingredients and their nutritional value? (We are half the level of sugar as normal fruit yogurt and any fats tend to be "good ones" coming from the almonds, hazelnuts and natural Yogurt ) These are all the questions we have tried to answer . All on a small pack!

Gerard Tannam said...

I hear you, Dermot! And I think you've done a remarkable job so far (which is borne out in the number of retailers listing you across the country).
Of course, now that you've set the bar high, I'm challenging you to set it even higher so that you can truly own this new category you've created. But I've no doubt you'll rise to the challenge, and look forward to seeing you enjoy even more success as you continue to weave your success story.