November 21, 2014

Once More Into The Breach

"When the battle cry is spoken,
And the voice of war is heard,
The soldiers of the Allies
To battlefields do move."

Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to War Museums to see war memorabilia on display. Many of these enthusiasts are keen collectors themselves and have an extensive knowledge of the history and artefacts from WW1 and WW2. For many, holding a weapon and feeling the weight of the past heavy in your hand, is to bring history to life in a very real way.

Hands On History

Up to last June, Irish enthusiasts had to travel to France and elsewhere to get their history fix but thanks to this week's featured start-up on Kickstart Your Business, the Irish Military War Museum,  Co. Meath is as far as they need go to get their hands on history.  Founded by beef and dairy farmer William Sullivan, himself a keen collector of war memorabilia, the museum, unlike any in Ireland, allows visitors to hold the original WW1 and WW2 artefacts.

A Uniform Approach

William has put a lot of effort into building attractions like a playground and a petting zoo to keep the small cadets happy while their parents explore military history but as Gerard pointed out, it's vital to make sure all the attractions are aligned to his core product. Attractions like the opportunity to ride an original WW2 tank or visit the replica WW1 trench all promise visitors both young and old a unique and memorable experience.

Over To You

How might William align the supporting attractions around the museum to strengthen his core offer?Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think. 

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