December 05, 2014

Three Wheels On My Coffee

For many budding entrepreneurs, renting the space to house a great product is simply beyond their modest budget. Then there's the challenge of choosing the right building in the right location to attract and engage your target customers. And what about all of those lovely customers that are just out of arm's reach because your premises is located a street too far for them to make the journey to buy from you?

If The Mountain Won't Come To Saltpeter

Let Saltpeter come to the mountain! That's exactly what this week's featured Kickstart Your Busines  Saltpeter has set about doing. Founded by freshly-baked entrepreneur Jenny Lyons, Saltpeter is a three-wheeled pop-up shop that sells fabulous coffee and irresistable baked goodies. Rather than waiting for her customers to turn up, Jenny's mobile offer will come to them, enticing them closer with the smell of feshly ground coffee and delicious baked treats. Makes you want to rush to the window and check if Saltpeter is outside!

Big On Personality

Already Jenny has successfully created a brand with oodles of personality and with her scaleable business model in place, she's gearing up to take over the world, one coffee and treat at a time. Presenting the brand at every opportunity is essential when your premises is a three-wheeler van, and wearing a uniform that reflects the fun personality of Saltpeter will add even greater recognisable appeal to the brand (and no George, Jenny will not be going with your recommedation of a drindl as the perfect uniform!).

Over To You

What other easy ways can Jenny help bring her 'teeny weeny but big on personality' brand to life ? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think. 

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Jenny said...

Thanks again for having me on the show- would love to gear what your readers have to say- some great advice on the show- always open to hear more though!