January 16, 2015

Break Your Book, Not Your Back

There are many challenges facing children transitioning from Primary to Secondary school, from the bewildering array of new teachers and subjects, to school bags laden down with heavy text books.

We've all seen the comical sight of first year students wearing bags almost as big as themselves but there is nothing funny about the damage down to a child's back when they are forced to carry up to 20 kilos to and from school. That's two large bags of potatoes in George's language!

It's a problem many parents are concerned about but what can be done?

A Book-Splittingly Good Idea

Featured on last night's Kickstart Your Business, Margo Fleming, Founder of BookSplits, explained how she, like many parents, was very concerned about the damage being done to her child's back from carrying so many heavy books and came up with a simple and instant solution to the problem; 'Split Your Book In Half - Half The Weight'. ' Like all great business ideas, Margo's offer provides an instant solution to an obvious need.

In An Instant

BookSplits boasts a very attractive website with an excellent video and high quality imagery but as Gerard pointed out on the show, the messaging needs to show instantly exactly what's on offer before it goes into any justification of the product.

Show first, then tell!

Over To You

What other ways can Margo instantly demonstrate her product on her website? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think. 

We'd love to hear from you.

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