January 23, 2015

Mad About Good Food

In your average Irish household, white pudding is synonymous with the good old fashioned fried breakfast and you'd be hard pushed to find white pudding served with anything else or at any other time of the day. You say 'White Pudding' and I say 'Breakfast'. You say 'White pudding at anytime of the day' and I say 'Are you mad or what?'

Proof In The Eating

This week's featured company on Kickstart Your Business in set to liberate the humble white pudding from the shackles of the breakfast plate and introduce its customers to the pleasures of white pudding served in a variety of ways. De Mad Food Company was founded in 2013 by Brendan Cleary who, with a background in food production, started experimenting and researching in his own kitchen to develop a range of recipes based on the classic Irish white pudding.

First to market with their innovative and natural products, they use smoked oats intead of trying to preserve meats and smoking them and use unique natural flavours such as chorizo and Mexican style to offer a full complement of pudding: vegetarian, pork, fish, beef and lamb to suit all customers' tastes.

A Sure Sign Of Madness

Brendan has chosen a very quirky name for the business and, because of it, his product is likely to stand-out on first meeting. As Gerard said on the show, he now needs to follow through on the name and ensure 'de madness' and the benefits it delivers to his customers is carried on through all his marketing and future products, allowing the customer to experience a distinctive and unique offer, citing Brodericks (those two eegits!) as a great example of just how well it it can be done.

Over To You

What ways can Brendan demonstrate 'de madness' on his upcoming website? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think. 

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