May 15, 2015

The Dash Of The Ash

Performance cycling is a hugely popular sport in Ireland (and further afield); just try cycling sedately down the canal to work and feel the rush of wind nearly knock you over as yet another high performance cyclist whizzes by! Our landscape is perfect for the sport, providing endlessly exciting and challenging terrain and conditions and of course, stunning natural scenery.

For performance cycling you need high quality performance bikes that have been designed to the highest standards and there's a whole science behind the selection of materials chosen to increase speed and manoeuvrability.

Taking In The Scenery

On Kickstart Your Business, we featured Woodelo, a company that's set to send the cycling world into a spin! Founded by Liam Murray, the company designs performance wooden bicycles, combining modern techniques and processes with traditional craftsmanship and matererials. After two years of extensive building and testing, the first models 'Leaf Speed' and 'Special Branch' are now available and ready for customisation. Liam uses beautiful Irish Ash for the frame, as the damping characteristics of ash help to absorb road vibrations.

Spin Doctor

Like many skilled craftspeople, Liam is keen to let his work speak for itself. However, the canny salesperson knows that this is rarely enough, and a little more spin is usually required.

There's real substance behind that spin in the case of Woodelo, and Liam needs to step up a gear in terms of weaving the great brand story that's available to him through his choice of wood in general, and ash in particular, and the wonderful machines that he creates as a result.

Over To You

What can Liam do to deliver a great performance that customers will buy in to? Listen back to Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you suggest?

We'd love to hear from you.

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Anonymous said...

The frames look amazing. The aesthetics of the wood really make it something special. I know George is not a fan of cycling but with Ross Pursell and Bressie doing serious cycling tours and ironman competitions, could a Woodelo bike shine here?