July 24, 2015

Inside Track On The Sport Of Kings

For sheer colour and drama, you'd be hard pushed to find an experience that beats a day at the races. All human life is there, alongside some rather compelling equine characters, and a first time visitor is likely to leave after the last thrilling finish feeling as exhilarated and as exhausted as though they've run each race on the card from start to finish.

A Stable Relationship

But entrepreneur Rob Relihan of Racing Tours Ireland (our Kickstart Your Business feature this week), has thrown something even more attractive into the parade ring. His racing tours include a visit to a leading stable, where one of Ireland's top trainers gives the inside track on what it takes to school and prepare a champion racehorse, whilst introducing some of their star pupils. Straight from the horse's mouth if you like!

Horse Racing Of A Very Different Colour

Gerard and George loved Rob's initiative in adding this simple, but highly effective, element into his racing tours, but Gerard suggested that Rob currently isn't making enough of this privileged access to the power behind the throne in this sport of kings. His best customers are likely to be those who know little or nothing about the world he's inhabited since he was a small boy, so he needs to make a great deal more of the inside track he offers through his unique connections.

Over To You

What more can Rob do to create a market for his very special offer? Listen back to Racing Tours Ireland on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you suggest.

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Rob Relihan said...

Hi Open-Heart Branding,
Rob here from said Racing Tours Ireland. You've already delivered some great new stuff there for me with your nuanced racing & horse references laced throughout the intro!
It was a pleasure to chat about Racing Tours Ireland on the show as I love any chance to chat horses and racing, as excitement and fun are an integral part of following the sport. And if I can get any help through this blog then fantastic!