July 03, 2015

Let's Get Cooking, Kids

If you ask most working parents, the two biggest fears we have are not spending enough quality time with our children, and failing to provide them with enough home-made nutritious meals.

After a long working day, it's a challenge to even think about what to have for the evening meal, let alone buy the ingredients and cook it, all the while trying to give some much needed attention to our children. The image of a frantic juggler comes to mind.

What's Cooking?

Our feature on Kickstart Your Business this week was Jill's Kitchen, the brain wave of mumpreneur, Jill Stout. Through her CooKit Kids range of products and on-line videos, Jill aims to provide busy parents and their children with the perfect ingredients for well fed, happy families. Goodbye juggler, hello chef!

Simple Ingredients

Although Jill is doing a brilliant job in helping busy mums and dads keep all the balls in the air in the kitchen, she confesses to doing a good deal of juggling of her own in kickstarting her business.

Although this is often the lot of the new entrepreneur, Gerard suggested that the sooner she can delegate certain low-value adding tasks to other resources, the better.

Over To You

What do you think Jill can do to keep Jill's Kitchen and CooKit Kids bubbling over nicely? Listen back to Jill's Kitchen on Kickstart Your Business and tell us what you think.

We'd love to hear from you.

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