August 07, 2015

Pleased To QMeeto

No-one is more concerned about having the right person in the right place at the right time every time than the meeting planner, who must often juggle everyone's schedule as well as their own in order to deliver a successful event.

Although there are many tools available to the organiser, the emphasis in a great number of the software tools on the market is on sales, the proverbial 'bums on seats'. But what if not just any bum or just any seat will do?

Meeting Needs

Our featured guest on Kickstart Your Business, Maurice Murphy of QMeeto, had grappled with this problem on behalf of clients (many of them in the healthcare sector) for many years and found none of the tools available to him or his clients were fit for purpose.

Maurice decided to develop his own software, one that took the complexity out of managing the itineraries of as many as hundreds of people, and provided a simple and intuitive platform for meeting planners.

Gathering Momentum

Gerard admired the smart visuals that Maurice has deployed in order to illustrate what QMeeto does and how it works (the image on the left is one such example) and the intuitive way in which the QMeeto website operates.

However, given the importance of referrals in the meetings market, he also suggests that Maurice may be missing opportunities in the way he has populated his own LinkedIn profile (which should mirror and support his QMeeto offering wherever possible). For example, why use the title CEO (which isn't especially helpful to potential clients looking for his help)? Instead, Meeting Software Specialist or similar will point others towards his profile (and onward to his website).

Over To You

What more can Maurice do to meet the needs of event planners? Listen back to Maurice and QMeeto on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you suggest.

We'd love to hear from you.

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