August 25, 2015

The Ultimate Team Players

When an athlete suffers a catastrophic injury whilst playing their favourite sport, their team-mates, family and friends are typically quick to race into action to raise funds to cover the costs of treatment and ongoing medical and care bills (often running into the millions). The difficulty is that no matter how generous and well-intentioned the community is, many of those embarking on such ambitious fund-raising are doing so for the first time, and will often struggle to come to terms with the requirements of raising vast sums of money very quickly.

The Greatest Team Ever

When his cousin Stuart Mangan suffered a catastrophic injury whilst playing rugby, Eamonn Sayers, our featured guest on Kickstart Your Business this week, was inspired to join the fundraising efforts of family and friends. Eamonn's experience of the difficulties, almost impossibilities, faced by eager fundraisers to raise enormous sums of money in a very short period of time prompted him to develop World Sports Team, an online platform enabling sports fans everywhere to support the fallen athletes in their own communities by participating in a global network.

The Game Of Our Lives

Whilst George and Gerard applauded this extraordinary initiative, Gerard suggested that whilst the call to join the World Sports Team is compelling, it's not clear to the online fan 'what game we're playing', what's involved in being a member of the team, and how one more person signing up changes anything.

Given that people relate best to people rather than ideals, he suggested that Eamonn introduce more of the sports personalities who are supporting the initiative to explain why they're joining the World Sports Team and how they hope to make a difference.

The Ball Is In Your Court

What more can Eamonn do to build the greatest team the world has ever seen and support players with catastrophic injuries? Listen back to Eamonn on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you suggest.

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