September 11, 2015

Have Dog, Will Travel

For the pet-owner planning a road-trip, it's a question of two legs good, six legs even better. But the appeal of travelling with faithful companion alongside soon fades when faced with the difficulties of planning an itinerary that guarantees the pet-friendly elements that make for a great travel experience. Although many accommodation and attraction providers promise a pet-friendly experience, the reality is often a huge disappointment.

One Man & His Dog-Friendly Idea

When this week's Kickstart Your Business featured guest, Gerry Molloy of WoofAdvisor, heard his pet-loving siblings complaining about how unsatisfactory it was to try and plan a trip away with man's best friend, he sniffed an opportunity to make pet-travel much more fun, and to build a great business besides.

He set up WoofAdvisor to include all of the information needed to plan the perfect road-trip with your pooch, much of it to be provided by other pet-lovers, keen to share the good news (and the cautionary tales) with their fellow travellers on the road.

Barking Mad About A Great Idea

Both Gerard and stand-in host Fergus Finlay applauded Gerry's pet project, with Gerard noting that whilst many online initiatives claim to create community (whilst really only enabling those with a common interest to congregate in some way), WoofAdvisor has the potential to capitalise on the true spirit of kinship that exists between one pet owner and another (and one pet with another for that matter!).

Give Us A Helpful Paw

What more can Gerry do to turn one man and his dog into one million and one? Listen back to Gerry on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you suggest.

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Jeff Sheridan said...

Make no bones about it, Gerry has a great vision to turn a "pet-peeve" issue into a USP for businesses who are willing to embrace pet owners. He is lead-ing the way in Pet Friendly Travel and I would encourage all businesses to get ahead of the pack and fetch their listings as soon as they can.

Why is WoofAdvisor a winning idea ? :
- Pet owners can plan and enjoy more rewarding trips
- Pet friendly businesses can gain more exposure / clients
- Pet owners can be part of a vibrant / fun online community