October 09, 2015

On Course For Marketing Success

The keen golfer has long been the ideal customer for premium brands eager to capitalise on a shopping list that usually features a wide range of high-end products and services, such as accommodation, food and drink, equipment, clothing, transport and more. The marketing whole-in-one so to speak!

Meanwhile, the profile of the typical golfer is changing, as they become more mobile in every sense of the word, with more and more of them opting to play at different courses rather than tie themselves to the one club for life.

More Than One Club In The Bag

Our featured entrepreneur on this week's Kickstart Your Business, John Aherne of GolfGraffix, himself a keen golfer, gamer and self-taught software developer, has long been intrigued by the marketing opportunities available through the use of graphics to help golfers visualise and plan their next game of golf.

He's developed GolfGraffix to offer golf-course owners and designers a number of software packages that help them to market their courses more effectively to customers, whilst providing promotional opportunities to the premium brands watching closely from the edge of the fairway.

Into The Big Wide Open

Keen golfer George and brand-builder Gerard agreed that with over 32,000 golf courses worldwide, John has succeeded in creating a business with huge potential.

At the same time, Gerard agreed with John that is important to maintain focus on the more strategic opportunities that present themselves, rather than shoot off in a number of directions at once. One hole at a time, you might say.

And even more important to recognise that GolfGraffix is no longer a software development company, but a media player, and to develop a business strategy and behaviour to match.

Drive For Show, Putt For Dough?

What do you think John and his team need do to play the course and stay the course? Listen back to John on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you suggest.

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