October 16, 2015

Just What The Doctor Ordered

The filling of routine or standard prescriptions is a tedious and time-consuming service that seems to add little value to either patient or doctor. Not to mention the inconvenience for many in trying to arrange a visit to the surgery during office hours.

A right pain you could say, and one that's not easily cured.

What's Up, Tech?

Software engineer Oisin Kim, our featured entrepreneur on this week's Kickstart Your Business, helped a doctor friend to computerise their paper-based GP Clinic system. He saw an opportunity to 'take the pain out of prescriptions' and a whole range of other medical services by bringing together video, messaging and postal technologies in his WebDoctor platform.

An App A Day...

George and Gerard applauded Oisin's innovative approach to tackling the shortcomings in the traditional General Practice system, and whilst Oisin naturally sees opportunities to introduce specialists, Gerard recommended that he focus all his efforts first on WebDoctor.ie becoming the go-to doctor for patients requiring the mainstream medical services provided by the typical GP.

Whilst there will always be a place for hands-on consultation, there are so many maladies and treatments that can be handled better at arm's length, and Oisin would be best advised to work alongside rather than try to replace the traditional clinic.

What's Your Diagnosis?

What do you suggest Oisin and his team do to build a business that's in rude financial health? Listen back to Oisin on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you suggest.

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