May 27, 2016

How To Make A Happy Camper

Even the most cheerful of festival-goers can become heavy-hearted when faced with the prospect of lugging camping gear from home to festival site. And that final leg of the journey from carpark or bus-stop can kill the buzz of even the happiest of would-be campers. So how to get a weekend's festivities off on the right foot?

For All Intents & Purposes

With a background in sales and customer service, Wendy Riordan, recognised an opportunity when she heard a friend describe how he and his partner fell out whilst hauling their gear from parked car to festival campsite. What if there was a company who could deliver your camping kit to you directly on site? This week's Kickstart Your Business feature Pamper The Camper is Wendy's helping hand to the beleaguered camper.

Seriously Lads, We Deliver To Festivals

Wendy really seems to have thought of everything. Customers book their camping gear and extras (including Ladies & Gents' Pamper Packs filled to the brim with the essentials for a great weekend) through the website, nominate the festival they're attending, and then simply stroll up to the Pamper The Camper pick-up point (and shop) at the festival campsite.

Although George professed his own horror of camping, even he allowed that this is a brilliant idea, and likely to become a great business. I suggested that Wendy has really got her own essentials spot-on: Pamper The Camper is a great name, and she's invested in a eye-catching and memorable visual identity that makes it easy for word-of-mouth to do the rest in terms of spreading the word to would-be happy campers.

Pitch In Yourself

What else can Wendy do to win over the hordes of festival-goers, first here in Ireland and then in the UK and beyond?

Listen back to Wendy on Kickstart Your Business (with thanks to Energia) and tell us what you think? We'd love to hear from you.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea! The very best of luck to all involved.

Lanod said...

Super idea, can't wait to use it.

Pamper the camper said...

Thanks Gerard you have been fantastic. We really appreciate all your help and feedback.

Wendy ☺����

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea and great service! The guys have answered all my questions and I've ordered a tent package for pickup at body&soul!!! I think I might have to pick up some drink holders too!! I recommend this company to every happy camper!! John

Pamper the camper said...

Thank you very much ☺

Pamper the camper said...

Thank you. Hope to see you soon at a festival ☺

Pamper the Camper said...

Fantastic John! Thank you very much ☺ we will see you at Body&Soul 🎶🎪

Anonymous said...

Great company found a gap in the market & filled it in style . Great web site & Facebook interaction best of luck all !!