September 07, 2006

Honey, I Shrunk The...

Heard Seth Godin discussing his latest book a couple of days ago where he talks about how 'Small Is The New Big'.

Here in Ireland, we've traditionally been small to the global big but I wondered if we had somewhat recklessly discarded some of that smallness in the frenzy of the last ten years, much as Irish pubs ripped out their traditional interiors in the '70's and '80's only to scramble (and pay through the nose) to recreate them when trends turned full circle.

Mind you, Seth talks too of the importance of big companies acting small so perhaps we can perform a 'diminutive but big-thinking, small-acting' balancing act?

This world is growing more and more like the one that Alice found down the rabbit-hole. 'Drink me' and we're done!

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