October 30, 2006

Wait Lifted

The first episode of Penguin's 'The Glass Books Of The Dream Eaters' (see my previous post 'Worth Its Wait In Gold') arrived in my mailbox during the week and I got stuck in as soon as I could. The book itself is a slim volume, closer to an old-fashioned magazine in shape and size - making it quite exotic in the modern context - and I enjoyed the sense of anticipation with which I turned to the opening page.

This first book tells the story of Temple, a woman whose fiance cuts off their engagement without explanation, prompting her to disguise herself and follow him to a mysterious country house where she witnesses all sorts of strange goings-on. I found the writing style a little irritating at first but settled past that to enjoy the story, which finishes rather abruptly as promised with all manner of things unexplained for now, and left me hanging on for the next installment.

I suspect it's a little early yet for me to judge how successful the approach is. I've certainly found myself wondering in the meantime about Temple's adventure and where it leads and am looking forward to the arrival of the next discreetly adorned white package.

I'm enjoying the experience although in a fairly self-conscious way. It reminds me of keeping my diary as a child - when I was always mindful that somebody, someday, would read my entry and edited accordingly. When I read it now, it strikes me as contrived and careful. I'll have to relax a little more into the next book and just let it sweep me away.

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