November 06, 2006

Sparkles Like Diamonds

Arrived before my lunch-date at Fallon & Byrne in Dublin’s city centre and was shown to my table where I promptly ordered some fizzy water (living on the edge, that’s me). Whilst sipping on my drink, I received a text that I was in the wrong place – we were to meet instead at The Winding Stair Café across the Liffey.

Not a little abashed, I made my way to the maitre d’ to let him know that I was headed elsewhere and how much did I owe for the fizzy water? Without missing a beat, he told me that the drink was on the house and asked was I going anywhere nice for lunch? When I said where I was headed, he said he’d heard great things about The Winding Stair and invited me to enjoy my lunch (which I did).

What a star! Rather than sulk because I was taking my business elsewhere, my host chose not to see me as a fly-by-day customer but as a guest at this table, however short-lived.

Needless to say, I’ll be back (and for more than a glass of fizzy water on the house).

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