July 18, 2014

The Right Ingredients For Success

Let's face it; who doesn't want to snack healthily and enjoy the benefits of sustained high energy levels during the day? The problem of course, is that for most of us, substitute the word 'healthy' with 'boring' or 'tasteless' and that's closer to the reality of many of the health snacks we studiusly avoid on our supermarket run, preferring instead to load up on sugary treats that satisfy our taste buds, but not our energy needs. Up to now, it seemed we could have one or the other; tasty or healthy, but not both. But all that is about to change, thanks to this week's Kickstart Your Business feature.

Wyld About Great Nutrition

Wyldsson.com was founded by Dave McGeady who wanted to make clean, healthy food that tastes great, using only the very best of ingredients from all around the world. Delicious and healthy, the range includes snack tubes, muesli, oats, oils, butters and speciality flours that are also gluten and dairy free. Endorsed by an impressive range of elite athletes, the offer is also targeted at the weekend warrior who is looking for nutritious and high energy snacks to help them make the most of their active day.

Food For Thought

Dave has already demonstrated a refreshing willingness to reach out to elite athletes across a wide range of sports. Gerard remarked that successful athletes in particular are typically only too happy to share the secrets of their success with others, particularly in the context of media interviews etc.

Gerard suggested that he now go a step further and develop a systematic approach to 'prompted word of mouth' marketing, and ensure that each of those athletes continues to be primed with the type of information that they can easily relay to those in their own circle of influence.

Over To You

How do you suggest that Dave build further on his explosive start. Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and tell us what you think.

We'd love to hear from you.

(Kickstart Your Business is broadcast live on The Right Hook on Newstalk106 in Ireland every Thursday at 6.40pm)

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Wyldsson said...

Thanks a mil for your help Ger! Some really great pointers. We're planning some revamps to our webstore: http://wyldsson.com/ Good is just not good enough, everything around what we do has to be world class.