February 06, 2015

Bags Of Irish Personality

We're used to seeing people from other cultures or tourists visiting, carrying bags that display iconic patterns such as the English Rose or The Eiffel Tower. A powerful symbol of tribal identity and belonging, these iconic patterns are instantly recognisable and easy to replicate. That's why it's rather strange that up to now, we Irish have been deprived of the pleasure of a bag that says Ireland with style and panache.

Say Ireland

The good news is that we are deprived no more! Our featured business on Kickstart Your Business, UrsulaCelano has come to our rescue. With a background in Management Consulting and IT, Ursula Celano, like many working mums, found it difficult to juggle a career and a young family. Noticing a gap in the market, she decided to create her own tribal motifs for the Irish market across a range of designer bags and stationary.

Design Of The Times

Gerard suggested that like many successful designers before her (think Orla Kiely), Ursula needs to develop an iconic design or signature style in order to establish the brand amongst customers - both current and potential. In many ways, her great variety, which should prove a source of longevity, may mean that she struggles in the short term to leave her imprint on the collective Irish mind.

Over To You

What other ways can Ursula manage her growth from one-woman business to a whole tribe? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think. 

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Penny said...

I use my UC tote everyday for work and as an Irish abroad love that designs are Irish with no paddywhackery or stage Oirishness.

Anonymous said...

I saw an Ursula Celano bag in Florida. They are very distinctive, and I don't have a rashers about handbags.

sinead said...

I have a few of Ursula Celano's products and I just love them. Great quality, quirky and cool designs. The products scream 'proud to be Irish' and that's why I have a whole collection of them. They make really excellent gifts too. Every one just loves them. Ursula is one of the best designers working in Ireland today.

Nix said...

What I love about Ursula's designs, and a feature which sets here apart from the field, is the wit and humor in them!

Anonymous said...

Saw your irish dancers bag at yoga studio in ranelagh and the girl had borrowed friend's bag in monaghan and was headed for London. They are getting around and look great! Katie

Catherine said...

My bag is a source of great attention - people love it - they love the irishness of the design while it doesn't, as Penny says, have any OIrishness about it. It's as authentic and real irish as you can get.

Anonymous said...

Love Ursula's designs - one talented lady!

Helen Langford said...

I think Ursula Celano designs are very distinctive and uniquely hers, whatever the design/pattern, so I'm not sure about the need to have one 'signature' design..but I'm not the expert here! Keep up the inspiring and uniquely Irish designs, Ursula!

Gerard Tannam said...

It's brilliant to read such positive and glowing reviews of Ursula's bags. Thanks for all your comments.