March 16, 2015

Never Mind The Plastics, It's The Puncbottles!

We've all gone a bit mad on the fitness and health front lately. Kickstarting the day with a glass of delicious juice straight from the masticating juicer, and then filled with nutritional virtue, we head out on bikes or foot to take over the world, one healthy step at a time.

We may even take an extra bottle of juice with us, ready for the mid-morning slump. But what type of bottle to bring that will keep the juice fresh and uncontaminated? Trying to answer the question may well put a dent in your healthy buzz.

Here's Looking At You, Punc!

Don't panic! This week's Kickstart Your Business feature was PuncBottles, a company set to solve precisely this dilemma. Founded by Trish Mulvaney, who, with a long personal and professional interest in health (she sources and sells juicers and water filters), decided to create a drinking bottle that is non-plastic, reusable and good for the pocket and the environment. Now the healthy buzz never needs to end!

Punc Rocks!

Both George and Gerard appreciated the immediate visual appeal of Puncbottles (so important when you're introducing a new product to a mass market), whilst Gerard suggested that Trish also needs to make more of the distinctive name she's chosen for these bottles with attitude, by creating her own verbal currency (e.g. Do you feel healthy, Punc? Well, do you?). In this way, she helps the all-important word-of-mouth take on a life all of its own.

Over To You

What other ways can Trish make sure her website packs a punc? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think.

We'd love to hear from you.

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