March 06, 2015

Movie-Making Never Was This PC (or Android!)

Long gone are the days when only the professional video maker could make a video. From home movies to sales videos, ordinary people are taking their creativity and cameras in their own hands and making great videos.

Up to now the technology to edit home videos has only been only available to Apple product users, denying PC or Android product users their chance to unleash their creativity on the world. All they axe for is a bite of the apple!

Creativity Unleashed

Well, thanks to TrakAx, this week's feature on Kickstart Your Business, PC and Android users no longer have an axe to grind! Business owner Caitriona Barry has created a toolkit that enables novices to shoot great videos regardless of their choice of device.

Whether the customer wants to capture the moment for a home movie or an impressive sales video, TrakAx will transform the raw content into the final product, ready to amaze the world.

Video Woos The Radio-Star

As an inveterate maker of videos, since his pioneering days splicing rugby footage in the earliest days of the medium, George was quickly won over to the benefits of using TrakAx. Gerard observed that for others who might be newer to the whole business of cutting and pasting, selecting soundtracks, title credits and the rest, the beauty of TrakAx is that it's been built using tools that are familiar to users of the latest smartphone technologies (which we know from even toddlers take to with gusto). So making movies with TrakAx really is child's play!

Over To You

What other ways can Caitriona win over new customers to TrakAx? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think. 

We'd love to hear from you.

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Cbsection8 said...

Thanks for such a great opportunity Gerard. Was so helpful to get your feedback and insight. It was a fantastic opportunity! Many thanks again, Catriona

Anonymous said...

Great post and interview. Great to see an Irish company mixing it with the big boys.