June 05, 2015

A Great Night's Sleep With Care To Comfort

Nothing drains our energy or ability to recover from an illness or injury like tossing and turning uncomfortably throughout the night, and as anyone caring for an elderly parent at home will tell you, conventional beds are not designed to cater for people with compromised mobility.

There are specialised beds available but up to now, those beds have been strong on function and very poor on form, creating an unfortunate hospital-like environment in the home.

Sleep Tight

Care To Comfort, our featured Kickstart Your Business start-up, have developed a range of electric adjustable beds that are both elegant and practical. Founded by Yvonne Cassidy and Martin Deasy, Care To Comfort promises a product designed to fully support your body in a stress-less position, thus dramatically improving the quality of your sleep.

A Bedtime Story With A Difference

Whilst Yvonne was naturally keen to remind listeners that the Care To Comfort range of beds will prove a boon to many different types of people facing sleeping difficulties, Gerard stressed the importance of focusing first on those ideal customers who are most likely to "need, want, value and be able and willing to pay for" a perfect bed.

Based on some of their success stories, these are likely to be families caring for a loved one at home who require hospital-standard support in a more hospitable environment.

Over To You

What can Yvonne and Martin do to appeal to their ideal customers? Listen back to Care To Comfort on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you suggest?

We'd love to hear from you.

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Yvonne Deasy said...

Thanks to George and Gerard for having us on the show. We are delighted with the response we have got to our website and to the volume of enquiries.
Gerard we agree with all your points on air and hope to work with you in the near future.
Yvonne Cassidy and Martin Deasy www.caretocomfort.ie