June 12, 2015

Bizimply The Best

One of the most important operations in any service business is managing staff and shift schedules. It can be tricky and time consuming, even when the business operates from just one premises but add in multiple locations, and the challenge escalates.

Up to now, owners and managers have used spreadsheets, notebooks, punchcard machines and emails in order to keep on top of it but surely there must be a simpler way of managing employee scheduling and timesheets?

A Zimple Idea

Our latest Kickstart Your Business feature Bizimply is a simple workforce management software for any business with an hourly team. The brainchild of Gerard Forde, a director with the popular café chain Nude, the simple app aims to change the way restaurants and retail businesses manage their workforce forever.

A Harder Working Brand

Whilst Gerard T. and George recognised the powerful zimplicity of the brand name, they suggested that Gerard F. and his team must build a much harder-working brand that can clock in from the get-go and put in a great shift in winning over new customers, and becoming a real talking point amongst potential customers.

The challenge for a software startup lies in gaining real prominence in a sector. Great brands ooze personality, and Bizimply needs to step up in terms of bringing the offer to life in an even more engaging way.

Over To You

What can Bizimply do to suggest that the zimple things in business as in life really are the best? Listen back to Bizimply on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you'd do?

We'd love to hear from you.

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