November 03, 2015

Leaving Wheat-Based Pasta Behind

Whilst comedian Sean Locke delivers a hilarious send-up of those who suffer wheat intolerance, let me confirm that as someone who endures cramps, headaches and sleepless nights after eating wheat, the condition is no laughing matter. Although, I did enjoy the send-up.

Avoiding wheat-based products such as bread and pasta adds to the discomfort of the condition and whether I'm shopping in the supermarket or eating out, selecting wheat-free foods can leave me feeling like a nuisance, Sean Locke's precious picky eater.

Eats, Wheats & Leaves

When Italian chef Nico Olivieri became wheat-intolerant and unable to enjoy the pasta that was a staple of family meals, he and his wife Sabine Hobbel (our featured guest on this week's Kickstart Your Business) decided to make a non-wheat pasta from buckwheat and chickpea, what they describe as 'Pasta With Benefits'.

With a growing number of people intolerant to wheat (I'm just one of tens of thousands in Ireland alone) many mainstream food options are off-limits (just try selecting some favourite foods - certain crisps, sauces etc alongside the obvious wheat-based ones - to see what I mean). On that basis alone, you'd have to think there is a very healthy market and profit-margin available to Nico and Sabine through their Leaves Pure Foods business.

The Bland Leading The Brand

Whilst Gerard and Shane Coleman (standing in for George) were very impressed with Nico and Sabine's resourceful and tasty alternative to wheat-based pasta, Gerard suggested that the Pasta With Benefits' packaging is a little underwhelming right now: overly technical and selling nutritiousness first, then deliciousness.

Sabine reassured him that a redesign of the packaging is in the works (we should see it in shops before the new year) and agreed that they're probably providing too much information at present, appealing to the heart rather than the gut.

A Leaf Out Of Your Business Playbook

What do you suggest Nico and Sabine do to attract more customers ready to enjoy Pasta With Benefits? Listen back to Sabine on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you suggest.

We'd love to hear from you.

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Sabine - Leaves said...

Lovely article on our buckwheat and chickpea pasta, thanks very much for this write up!