December 02, 2006

And That's Final!

Stung a little by the absence of comments to all but one of my previous posts (Emma, take another bow), I wrote to a small number of colleagues inviting them to join in the conversation.

A client and friend of mine, Paul Lanigan (who's also a keen blogger: see his Clear Thinking Straight Talking) got back to me to say that my blogging experience wasn't uncommon and that people generally prefer to observe rather than participate. He also suggested that I might encourage more commentary if I were to finish each blog with a question (much like a call to action) rather than an observation.

That makes such a lot of sense. Why bother to comment when the writer seems to think he's had the last word? (No, that's not my question to finish - I think Paul meant something more than a rhetorical question!).

Here it is: Anyone know of any other ways in which I might encourage readers to get involved and make this blog much more than a one-way conversation?

Now you've no excuse. Over to you!


Anonymous said...

Do a book review and ask people for their opinions

whinger said...

Have to confess until last week I was un aware of your blogg - but now that I am ....

Make it provocative (keep your cloths on please), don't be afraid to shock or frighten.

emma said...

Hmm. Good question. I think people are reluctant to post unless there are plenty of other posters. As far as I can gather, the easiest way for bloggers to establish a dialogue is to do so with other bloggers writing about similar subjects. I appreciate that there may not be all too many brand oriented blogs out there, but surely that will give you all the more to talk about if you do find any...! Other than that I think the email alert to a new topic is a great move.

Bryan said...

Its probably mainly due to the fact of the un known, what is a blog? how do I respond? how long is this going to take?.

I must own up, that I didn't have a clue as to what blogging was.So if I don't respond I won't make a fool out of myself.

A call to action is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Well I've tried bribery ( in the form of free books) and believe me even that does not work. The reality is that there are a lot of lurkers out there, who do get what they want from the blog, without feeling the need to comment. One way is to get a circle of friends to commit to each other that they will 'start the ball rolling' as you have done. I agree that when there are a few comments, more people are encouraged to follow - same principle as that practiced by restaurants placing their early arrivals at the window.