December 10, 2006

Someday My Prince Will Come

In turning an eye and ear occasionally to what's happening in the online world, I'm inclined to ask: "Where do they get the energy?". The activity out there is extraordinary. There are new places being created for people to congregate every other minute and each has its regulars.

I recently tuned into the Lincoln-backed My Dream where visitors are invited to share their dreams and 'create, achieve, embark, transform and give back'. It's teeming with the projects, wishes, ambitions and pipe-dreams of hundreds of people from around the world.

Places like this put me in mind of the French short story where the bachelor sister and brother apparently find their perfect match through the personal ads. They agree to meet only to discover that the other is the dream lover of their correspondence. I recall Barry Manilow had a song along the same lines (Do you like pina colada? etc).

Whilst I can't see us all decamping en masse, I wonder whether these social sites will in time find us living in silence alongside neighbours and family whilst daring only to communicate our deepest desires to virtual strangers? Or whether they'll simply provide us with richer and more varied ways in which to speak to each other?

Where do you see it headed? And what do you think are the implications for your business?

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