December 20, 2006

By George, I've (Almost) Got It

Was visiting Limerick earlier this week where I was working with the owners of the just-opened My client suggested that I sample the lunch offering at another new arrival, the boutique George Hotel, on my way back to the railway station.

Given the style and profile of the George, I expected it to be awash with bright young things. Instead, it was jammed with bright old things (myself amongst them). I think I’ve been guilty of falling into a trap alongside most of my fellow marketers. Why wouldn’t a sixty- or seventy-something fancy the oh-so-cool interiors of a boutique hotel? One senior at a table near mine confessed to her lunch-companion that she had been “dying to try the George since it opened three weeks ago”.

Like me, I’ll bet the developers of the George never anticipated such a broad appeal in their new place. I wonder what other opportunities we’re missing when we take such a narrow view of our customer?

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