December 14, 2006

Have Your Cake...

Just spotted an impressive magazine ad for South Africa, which featured a view over the plains from a lodge-type spa and suggested that here is where 'Spoilt Meets Unspoilt'. And I asked, is it really?

Whilst a favourite parlour trick of the great brands is to resolve apparent contradictions (think Nike which allows Couch Potato to meet Athletic God), I’m not so sure that the Spoilt can meet the Unspoilt too often and get away with it. Here in Ireland, Guinness Lite ran into a similar brick wall some time ago. I also believe this particular contradiction is a little played out in advertising for the world’s great beauty spots.

But there are lots of other great brand contradictions out there. The classic Golden Pages’ ‘Let Your Fingers Do The Walking’ is one of my favourites – what’s yours?

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Emma said...

I like the Barretstown strap line -Serious Fun.