January 07, 2014

Success In Mind: Feeling Focussed

Mental health is never an easy subject to talk about and when our difficulties are tied in with disorders around eating or anxiety, it can feel impossible to share or deal with our problems in a public forum. Experts in this very sensitive area agree that for every person who does step forward to seek professional help, there are many others who are too ashamed or embarrassed to talk about their difficulties face-to-face.

Help Is At Hand
Our recent Kickstart Your Business feature Feeling Focussed (www.ChangePanda.com) is an online platform, which offers programmes enabling customers to tackle mental health disorders such as bulimia and anxiety in a safe and confidential environment, and aims to become a recognised provider of quality online mental health support.

A Positive Experience
The business owner Emma Murphy, is also a trained counsellor and psychotherapist and with her wealth of experience and expertise, understands how important it is to put her clients at ease. And that is exactly the advice Gerard gave Emma during the show; make the online experience as warm, immediate and friendly as a visit to her offices, by introducing more of her personality into the site.

Over To You
How do you suggest that Emma might help make the ‘Feeling Focussed’ website more accessible and welcoming?  Listen back to the show on the Newstalk's Kickstart Your Business blog and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you.


Anne Tannam said...

Great timing for the show last night as all around Dublin, the 'First Fortnight' Festival is highlighting the importance of challenging mental health prejudice. Well done to Emma and all the team at 'Feeliing Focussed'.

Emma Murphy said...

Thank you Anne, and thanks Gerard for having us on the show. We've already seen a reaction in queries and visits to our site. It's so important to make as many resources as possible available to anyone struggling. As Gerard pointed out on the show, the beauty of our programs is that we need only an email address for any adult to sign up, and this removes a key barrier of embarrassment for some. Emma