February 18, 2014

Getting To Grips With Crawling

Studies have linked a substantial rise in learning difficulties with the decline in infants crawling
during a key stage in their development. Our modern living environments and their polished and smooth floor surfaces are thought to be the cause of this decrease and though the effects may not be obvious until a child begins pre-school or school, parents are now becoming very aware of the potential difficulties and are anxious to address the problem as early as possible.

Snug As A Bug...

Creeper Crawlers,  this week's featured business on Kickstart Your Business, has responded to the research on the importance of crawling with their product 'Creeper Crawler', a 'babygro with grips' made from 100% of the softest cotton. Ollwyn Moran, business owner and a Neurological Developmental Therapist, reports that all babies using them to date have crawled more happily, more successfully and for longer. That's good news for this generation of growing infants and their parents and in a few years time, it'll be good news for their teachers too.

Getting To Grips With The Market

The website is visually very appealing and immediately the consumer can see what they are buying. With the high quality of the product itself and the use of an ethically approved manufacturer, parents can confidently buy into the offer. Ollwyn now needs to play up her entrepreneurial credentials and convince the big retailers that she is on to something they need with her unique product. 

The good news for Irish parents is that Mothercare now stock Creeper Crawlers so let's watch this space for more retailers coming on board over the coming months.

Over To You

How do you suggest Ollwyn shows her credentials through the website? Listen back to the show on the Kickstart Your Business blog and let us know what you think. 

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