February 25, 2014

Medieval Scouts' Experience Aims High

If, like many of us, you are drawn to the colour and pageantry associated with medieval sports,particularly the clothing, weaponry and other paraphernalia of the era, then we know just the place to send you. Deep in the heart of the Kildare woodlands, Stephen and his collegaues at Tyrsland are ready and waiting to offer you the medieval scout experience of a lifetime.

Target Practice

TyrsLand, this week's feature on Kickstart Your Business, have created a thrilling environment in which to learn a wide range of medieval skills and have rightly identified a number of potential customers for their different offerings. However, in common with many new businesses that have an embarrassment of product riches, they face the danger of being unfocussed in their marketing and sales efforts.

Keep Focussed On Your Core Market

With such a wide range of skills on offer and a wealth of possibilies for the future of the business, Stephen must be careful not to fall into the same trap that many new business owners topple into head first; trying to reach too many potential market sectors at the one time. Gerard suggested that Stephen and his colleagues concentrate first on pitching to children and particularly those in the modern-day scouts, where they are most likely to find their perfect match of customer.

Over To You

How do you suggest Stephen attract the modern day scout (and their leader) through the website? Listen back to the show on the Kickstart Your Business blog and let us know what you think. 

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