March 21, 2014

The Art Of Pulling The Perfect Pint

There you are the the bar, customers five deep and everyone looking to get served. Junior staff behind
the bar have a look of panic in their eyes and are serving the tallest and loudest first whilst clumsily pulling pints and reading the labels on bottles to identify the right whiskey. Then a senior barman appears and like magic, he is catching the next customer's eye and with a nod, takes the order, fills it effortlessly and has already taken two more customer's orders before the first has had time to pay.

It's All In The Training

Training great barmen (and women!) are what this week's Kickstart Your Business feature is all about. The Dublin Bar Academy was set up by Richard Linden and prides itself on providing practical and customer focussed training on all the skills required to run a great bar. The course is run by qulaified and expert instructors who between them have over a hundred years' experience behind the bar and an impressive range of specilaised skills that they are happy to pass onto the course participants.

That Little Extra

As Gerard pointed out during the show, there is a real pleasure in being sold to well and every excellent barman must also be master the skill of being an excellent salesperson. Customer service is about being offered the right choice at the right time and we are all happy to spend that little bit more when we are being looked after properly. 

Over To You

What advice would you give to Richard on the business of training people how to run a great bar? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think.

We'd love to hear from you.

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