March 28, 2014

If You Ever Go To Dublin Town

Nostaglia, defined as 'a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past', is a subtly powerful emotion that can transport us back to a time or era we thought lost forever. And we don't
have to be a hundred to feel nostalgia for what has gone before us. History starts from yesterday.

Dublin Made Me

The Little Museum Of Dublin, this week's Kickstart Your Business feature, tells the remarkable story of Dublin in the 20th Century. Launched in 2011, with an appeal to the public for historic objects, today this unique  museum hosts over 5000 artefacts in its collection. Housed in two rooms in a beautiful Georgian house on the corner of Dawson Street, the museum is fast becoming one of the 'must see' attractions of our fair city.

Keeping It Dublin All The Way

Like all great cultural and social endeavours, the Little Museum of Dublin needs support from corporate sponsors and patrons. Already, they can open their doors free of charge every Wednesday afternoon thanks to Johnson Mooney & O'Brien and  every Thursday evening courtesy of Guinness. As Gerard pointed out to Simon O'Connor, the museum's excellent curator, it will continue to be important to identify businesses that are looking to connect to their  past and can share the story of their place in the history of our city.

Over To You

What advice would you give to Simon on attracting key Dublin businesses? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business.

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