April 11, 2014

Hitting The Right Notes

Many people would like to play a musical instrument, but are put off by the prospect of the long hours required to reach any level of proficiency. A one-fingered version of 'Three Blind Mice' is about as much as most of us can muster before we lose interest.

A Virtuoso Performance

This week's Kickstart Your Business feature DecPlayPiano.com will have you playing a tune - using both hands! - in as little as an hour. After a career divided between corporate insurance and internet marketing, musician Declan Cosgrove developed  a new online business based on his 'rapid results piano tuition method'. Only in business since late last year, already two thousand people have learned to play the popular but difficult-to-master instrument using his innovative and successful method.

Hitting The Right Note

Whilst the promise of easy-play piano is appealing, Declan needs to make this more a social or group activity rather than a solitary pursuit. During the show, Gerard recommended that Declan take his playful approach to teaching the piano one step further and introduce the element of fun as early as possible and think more in terms of a game to play (which leads to playing great music) rather than a lesson to learn. Think friends and family challenging each other to a play-off at a party!

Over To You

Do you agree with Gerard? What advice would you give Declan to help bring the fun element of playing to the fore in his marketing material? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think.

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