April 04, 2014

Blanket Coverage For HappyNest

Parents, do you recall the joys of trying to cover your energetic baby in their cot, who insisted on kicking off their blankets instead of settling down to a cosy sleep? Or battling to keep baby wrapped up warmly in their push-chair without catching an errant blanket in the wheels?

It's In The Bag

This week's Kickstart Your Business feature, HappyNest may just have all your problems covered. Christine Carolan, founder and designer of HappyNest, decided to launch her own range of babywear after her own experience of trying to keep her babies safe and warm, and so the swaddle bag and baby bag were born, designed to keep babies as snug as bugs in rugs!

The Real Difference

Christine has designed a baby product that is quite different from what's on offer in the baby market at the moment but as Gerard pointed out during the show, Christine needs to illustrate that real difference through both the visual and written messaging on the website. As Christine explained to George, the swaddle bag allows the very small baby to feel the same security and warmth they felt in the womb and that is exactly the type of information that needs to appear on the website.

Over To You

Can you suggest ways that Christine can illustrate the real difference in her products on her website? Listen back to the show at Kickstart Your Business on Newstalk.

We'd love to know what you think.

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