April 25, 2014

Making Woopie

Despite the enormous influence of Apple in showing the world that technical and digital could be beautiful (as well as effective), many publishers continue to underestimate the importance of craft and design in everything they produce. Just take the mishmash of content on most publishing platforms as a case in point.

Digitally Enhanced

Our featured business Woopie was established in 2012 when web developer Stewart Curry wanted to design a digital magazine and discovered that the tools available were print rather than digital focussed. Undeterred, Stewart and his business partner Martha Rotter set up Woop.ie to help publishers produce elegant digital magazines that look great on any device.

You've Got The Look

When a new product or service comes on the market the challenge as always is to persuade customers to change from what they were doing to trying something new. They need to see the beauty and benefit of what they can now do versus what they were doing before. Currently the Woop.ie website undersells the beauty and elegance of the finished product but a simple 'before' and 'after' section would quickly illustrate what can now be beautifully and easily done, thanks to Woop.ie.

Over To You

Can you think of ways Stewart and Martha can present the elegance and beauty of their product through the website? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and tell us what you think.

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