May 09, 2014

Finding A Smarter Way To Shop

As a consumer, there's nothing as frustrating as buying a product or service, believing the price to be reasonable, only to find the  same product or service available at a different location, but at a much lower price. Of course, for the busy modern shopper, be it shopping on or off-line, we typically don't have the time to compare a range of prices before we make a purchase.

A Great Find

Our featured business this week is Finders Fee, a price comparison site with a difference, founded by Neil Coogan and Stephen Slyman. Whilst travelling for work, Stephen had been struck by the huge pricing disparity with home on many electronic items and other luxury goods. Neil and Stephen decided to develop the business of an on-line service sourcing best-price goods for the Irish consumers and so Finders Fee was born. Finders Fee guarantees the lowest price possible delivered to  your door, with taxes and delivery charges included. No more catching out the unsuspecting Irish consumer on price difference!

Highlight The Real Difference

As Neil was quick to point out to George and Gerard on the show last night, Finders Fee is so much more than a price comparison site  as they guarantee the safe delivery of your item from anywhere in the world and are rightly proud of their excellent customer service and support. That real difference in their offer is at present underplayed and Gerard recommended that it be the first message potential customers are presented with when they visit their elegant website.

Over To You

How can Neil and Stephen highlight the real difference in their offer through their website? Listen back the show on Kickstart Your Business and tell us what you think.

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