May 16, 2014

Georgie Porgie Met A Pieman

Last year my daughter and her friends came home from Electric Picnic raving about delicious meat pies that had singlehandedly shouldered noodles off the number spot for fast but nutritious food on the go. The humble pie had made a bold return in Ireland and judging by the amount of outlets that now stock artisan pies, it's back to stay.

Going To The Fair

This week's featured business is Skoff Pies. It's founder, TV Cook and food writer Donal Skehan has been cooking up great receipes since he was a child. Meanwhile, his family has been producing tasty wholesome food for three generation, beginning with Grandad's shop on Dorset Street. Now Donal's mum and dad are producing delicious pies made according to receipes developed by Donal and available in supermarkets across the country. Certainly no pie in the sky venture here and with Donal preparing to take on the might of the multinationals, George and Gerard were delighted to give the business a hearty kickstart.

Let Me Taste Your Wares

Gerard first came across Skoff Pies on the shelf of his local supermarket and was immediately impressed with the presentation and design of this Irish- made product. He was not surprised to hear that Donal had engaged with a very good creative design agency, Creative Ink, and the result is a distinctive and unique brand that should stand the test of time. Even George, who has been sworn off pies since he nearly choked to death on a piece of steak twelve years ago,  promised to try out the delicious chicken and ham pie for dinner this Sunday!

Over To You

With Skoff Pies already standing out from the crowded supermarket shelves, can you suggest any other ways in which Donal can spread the word about his tasty pies? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and tell us what you think.

We'd love to hear from you.

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