May 02, 2014

A Grand Adventure For All

All through Ireland the landscape is dotted with fine examples of Grand or Big Houses and in recent years, many of these glorious examples of period architecture have been opened up to the public. Often surrounded by endless acres of grounds and gardens just waiting to be explored, families are guaranteed a great day out filled with activity and fun.

Wells Worth Exploring

When Sabine and Uli Rosler inherited Wells House, near Gorey in Co.Wexford, they immediately made plans to open the house and gardens to the public, in order to share their family heritage with others and to secure the financial future of the family home. Two years ago, they launched a Victorian- style Garden Party and have been adding an exciting mix of activities and events there since. Our featured business this week, Wells House is an example of a great Irish brand that understands the importance of place and history and seeks to present its offer in a way that appeals to the child and adventurer in all of us.

The Call To Adventure

There is enormous potential in an amenity that's appealing to families but the challenge lies in winning over new customers quickly enough to generate the type of traffic that makes such an ambitious enterprise sustainable. Looking at the website as a lead generator, there is an opportunity here to create a wonderful sense of adventure through the imagery used  throughout the whole site (they are off to a cracking start with the image shown here), creating that wonderful sense of magic and anticipation for the visitor.

Over To You

Can you think of ways for Sabine and Uli to create that sense of adventure through their website ? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and tell us what you think.

We'd love to hear from you.

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